Keyless Smart Fingerprint Lock | Padlock | USB Rechargeable | Digital Quick Unlock, Door Lock


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CE, RoHS, FC Certified

In the current era of information technology, this product can become a very favorite product.

It is a fingerprint lock which you can easily lock and unlock through fingerprint without any hassle of key.

It can save the fingerprints of 10 members of your family. Through which ten members of the family can lock and unlock it with their fingerprints.

It is rechargeable, once fully charged, you can lock and unlock 2500 times.

It is water resistant, so you can use one very easily anywhere in the house and outside the house.

It has six months technical warranty service facility.

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50 in stock

Before the end of the charge will give you a low-power signal, then you can fully charge again. Even then there is no reason to worry if you ever forget to charge it after it has been charged. No one will be able to unlock it once the charge is completely over. You can re-search and unlock only with authorized fingerprints, it is completely secure.
– 10 Groups of Fingerprints: the padlock supports up to 10 fingerprints recording(support two administrators).
– Wide Application: perfectly used for doors, cabinets, bikes, backpacks, storage lockers, etc.
– Easy Operation: no need any tools, you can add or delete fingerprints easily by following the instructions of the user manual.
1. This machine can set 2 administrators, the first fingerprint and the second fingerprint,
press the set button 5S in the empty fingerprint state, enter the entry state: you can directly
record.Enter the first fingerprint (first administrator)), the second administrator must be
authorized by the first administrator before it can be entered; other fingerprints must be authorized by 2 administrators.
2.The first or second administrator can pass the authorization before it can be entered.
3.Any fingerprint can be unlocked when no fingerprint is entered.
Packing Included:
1 x Fingerprint Lock

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